It’s been a busy, busy week! But, So excited to share that I am now officially a ZUMBA(R) Instructor! Time to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and get my routines in place. I also have been crocheting some cool things. I will be posting them soon, so LOOK OUT!


Lil’ Something You Might Not Know

25 Year old Female. Born in Brooklyn, Grew up in the Bronx and now reside in Queens. Still a Bronx girl? Of course! I am ‘Mia From Da BX Baby!’ (Nicknamed by a high school friend and it stuck) I have an amazing family and life’s been treating me well recently. . . Only recently. Haven’t had a rough past like some, but for me, it’s been tough. God only gives us what we can handle right? Guess this is where my reward comes in. Time to open up and forget what people think. I mean, that’s what we were always taught, no? Sticks and stones may break your bones. . .but words ALWAYS seemed to hurt me.


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Not sure how to “Blog” but figured it would be a cool way to leave memories

and show off my cool arts and crafty side. As this is my first post, It won’t be long.

Let’s just say I am re-inventing myself. I am

Candace Cane Turned Mia.



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